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As traces of our collaborative interactions within the landscape of Southeastern Ohio’s Appalachian foothills, the submitted pieces consider how traditional observation of a specific place may be mediated through abstracted interpretations to unveil inherencies of that space. We translate the rural hills of this region through an agreed-upon system in which our individual actions behave analogously: though our interpretation of the system is subjective, the process and product share similar traits. This mediation creates iterations of our initial experience with the place. We translate what we see into another means of understanding: a landscape becomes dots, becomes sound, and becomes a performed drawing. These abstractions make our experience with our surroundings available to others: audiences do not have to be in the same environment to find a place within the echoes of that space.

Vestige: This video documents our drawing a pattern, with the use of thread, on the edge of an arbitrarily created boundary. The video, an indexical echo of our performance, traces our movement as well as how our process integrates and slightly modifies the grass edge. In the end, both the materiality of the video and of the thread drawing exist as traces of our action, though our process and product are somewhat hidden. While the video illustrates the passing of time and the subtle effect of our performance, it makes implicit the details of our labor and the evidence of our drawing.

Performance Documentation
Performance Documentation
Video Installation